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четвртак, 26. децембар 2013.

Birgitte Evelyn

 The artist dedicated to erotic art, Birgitte Evelyn, has always been fascinated by the human body. Back in time, she was one of the best bodybuilders, and she reached to the top as Danish and Nordic Champion. Shortly after she chose, however, to leave the sport for fitness, because there was more emphasis on feminine body language rather than the more powerful muscle expression.   women in Birgitte Evelyn erotic paintings are indeed very feminine. The female body is a catalyst of pleasure and desire, and Evelyn's erotic works reflect the intense sensuality and eroticism that can occur at the interface between people. The images are like a Chinese box, where the subject is fueling a thought that adding fuel to the imagination. feminine aspect is in the center, and Birgitte Evelyn has for years created a unique figurative expression that offers a glimpse into the female world of desire. The man in the pictures often more withdrawn than the woman, but very much present. The general impression of the man is often anonymously, without hair on their heads, sometimes even without ears. figures and moods are on the borderline between fantasy and reality, where desire and sensuality are depicted in all its facets. Often it is the fervent love that come to life, sometimes with a dash rawness or humor, and the overall impression is life-affirming vitality. figures or compositions in the pictures are often very advanced in the canvas, almost as if they are one in the meeting. This welcoming effect is largely due to the way Birgitte Evelyn keeps the focus on the sensual mood, body part or figure, which she will have to fill out, almost breaking the canvas. It is as if the entire human body has no bearing in this idiom.

 The images are not painted photographic accurate, but small details and the picturesque idiom get people on the canvas to work vibrantly and makes you want to reach out and touch the errant lock of hair, the sensual forms or just a small detail, you've seen especially attractive colors move from glowing skin colors to shades beyond black and white. In contrast to these colors, and shapes in the images, the artist frequently uses a single distinctive color, often a provocative red that draws the viewer's attention and hold it for a moment, before the rest of the picture unfolds. One senses too clearly the many layers of paint, the canvas has been added, until the final result appears with its glow and unique expression. One senses that Birgitte Evelyn model closely. It takes great mutual respect and openness throughout the workflow, if the intimate atmosphere, as the artist to get out in his paintings, to succeed. Birgitte Evelyn preserves the thrilling moment when the left brain shuts down and the body surrenders to the sheer enjoyment. Paintings dwell on the nape of the neck, mouth half open, and the gentle caresses. A glance, an embrace, a fragment of the body leaves room for interpretation. many would like to maintain this special intimate moment, and an erotic painting by Birgitte Evelyn acts as a constant reminder not to forget eroticism, love and play in everyday life. Birgitte Evelyn is the only Danish artists represented in "The Association of British, Commonwealth and European Erotic Artists ABCEEA that conveys exhibitions of erotic art worldwide. Membership provides unique opportunities for international cooperation in exhibitions across the globe.

среда, 25. децембар 2013.

Nikolai Sednin

 Nikolai Nikolayevich Sednin-The member of the Art Unions of Russia and Ukraine. The member of the International Federation of Artists ( IFA UNESCO ) and International Association of Graphic Art (ADOGI). His works are exhibited in galleries and private collections in Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Bulgaria, Spain, Israel, USA and Japan. More ----►

                                                                  "Madam the frog"

                                                                  "Master's Death"


                                                        "Visions of Flavia Narvasadata"

                                                                         "Bonds 1"

                                                                    "Delicate Demons"

                                                              "Flying band of master"

                                                                  "Master with margarets"

                                                                  "School of inquisition"

                                                                  "The Vine Mistress"


                                                             "Theatre of secret desires"
                                                            "Between heaven and earth"
                                                                          "The Star"
                                                                     "Three sisters"
                                                                         "Bonds 3"
                                                                     "Mystical Coin"

уторак, 24. децембар 2013.


 During the second world war in one of the palaces of Tsarskoye Selo, a group of Soviet soldiers found a room decorated in a frank erotic style. According to witnesses , one of the walls was entirely hung with wooden phalluses of various shapes, a range of chairs, desks, and screens all decorated with pornographic images supplementing the whole appearance. Soldiers didn’t loot anything or destroy anything there, on the contrary, they made a dozen of documentary photos.
Most of the pictures were lost in the fire of war, but some of Hermitage personnel also confirm the existence of the parlour, noting that Catherine the Great even made a bodouir for Platon Zubov, but it’s unlikely that it could reached the 20th century. It is also known that the collection of erotic art belonged to the Romanov family was catalogued in 1930s . The evidences indicate that the objects were only shown to a selection of visitors. But the catalogue was lost. Like the whole entire collection, it was allegedly destroyed in 1950. However this small selection of photographs still exist: