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четвртак, 13. фебруар 2014.

Anne Van Der Linden

Anne van der Linden, born 1959, is a french painter and drawer who lives in Saint-Denis, suburb of Paris. Beeing of a litterary education, she came early to drawing expression, then to oil
painting. After an abstract period, she developed her figurative style from the 9O's. Her art is in the filiation of german expressionnism, middle-age engravings, cartoonists as Robert Crumb and many more. Her attachment to litterature brought her naturally to illustration activity, for edition project as well as for newspapers.
Searching to express through visual arts the tensed interaction between inner wild life and social normalisation could be her main concern.
Her work has been widely exhibited and published in France and in foreign countries.

петак, 07. фебруар 2014.