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петак, 21. март 2014.

Kevin Rolly

Kevin Rolly shot his first photograph on the shores of Maryland. It was of an older woman he had a crush on. She was 11...he was 8. In many ways he feels he has taken the same photograph ever since. He then taught himself the art that, unbeknown to him at the time, would soon become his career. He began shooting professionally when still in his teens, gave up his Astrophysics scholarship, disappointed his guidance counselors and moved to Los Angeles in 1992 to set up his studio. In 1994, when struggling to find a way to extend the photograph beyond it's traditional means, he developed a technique of creating a hybrid of darkroom photography with oil color. He called the new technique “Oilgraphing” which has become his signature style.
In 1997, on a dare, he was asked to demonstrate the new technique during a lecture series. The dare turned into a performance and since then nearly a third of his work is created live.Kevin Rolly was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and studied film production at the Pennsylvania State University where he won the Student Emmy for his film "An Early October.” Kevin has been published in such magazines as ELLE, Mirabella, W, Detour and many other national and international publications. His works are in numerous private and corporate collections both in the US and in Europe and divides his time between his commercial and fine art endeavors.

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