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четвртак, 05. јун 2014.

Jeffery Scott (1019)

 "Jeffery Scott creates photographic images that stretch boundaries and redefine standards. His photographic works are powerful juxtapositions of light and darkness. In the last 20 years his artistic life revolved around painting, sculpting, and production design for music videos, television commercials and motion pictures. In an effort to produce a more exacting science behind his Artistic Vision, photography became his chosen medium for expression without compromises. It wasn’t until November of 2002 that Jeffery Scott (A.K.A. 1019) made the switch from sculpting and painting to photography full time. His first series explored this change and illustrates his transformation into a more complete Art.
 In December of 2003 he began developing his second series. His photographic images became for him what his paintings always wanted to be. The ideas were more complex than before. The photographic images he creates represent an average from anywhere between 50 to 200 hours of meticulous work. All elements within the piece represent dozens of images combined and layered to construct the over-all whole. The photos can be looked at as layers upon layers of information communicating, to the viewer, a series of in-depth philosophies, concepts and stories."

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