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четвртак, 16. јануар 2014.


 China Hamilton, has established a considerable global reputation as photographer of fine art erotic images of women. His work has often examined the darker side of female sexuality alongside his more traditional erotic pictures. Much of his later work is inspired by sadomasochistic subjects. This particular theme has made this aspect of his work controversial though its reflection upon the power and private expression of women has brought a new sensitivity and respect to this subject. His unique and distinctive style of image has often been the inspiration for the work of other photographers.ttp://

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  1. Одговори
    1. Da, odličan je. Hvala Sanja na iskrenom komentaru, klikove meri statistika na blogu, u to već imam uvid i sama. ;) :*

    2. Pa, verujem, da ima obletača koji bi da ostanu anonimni. :D Mađutim, bojim se da baš oni u ovome vide erotske slike, ne umetnički izraz i stil. Nego dobro. :)