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                                                                "The Logical Conclusion"                    
Anthony Christian (b. 24 October 1945 in LondonUnited Kingdom) is a British painter.
Starting at the age of 10, child prodigy Anthony Christian studied the techniques of the "Old Masters" at the National Gallery in London. Throughout his time at the National Gallery and for a further seven years Anthony studied the works of Rubens, Rembrandt and other Old Masters. His painting and drawing style most resembles the techniques of Leonardo da Vinci.
In his earlier days Anthony earned his living as a portrait artist, painting among others Lord Mountbatten of BurmaBaroness Olympia de Rothschild, Baroness Fiona Thyssen-Bornemisza, Count Guido di Carpegna, Lord Lichfield, Blake Edwards, Julie Christie and Terence Stamp.
His work features in certain private art collections such as Gore VidalBaroness Marie-Helene de Rothschild, Viscountess Jacqueline de Ribes, Mrs J Heinz, Bill BlassHM Queen Elizabeth II, Mrs. James Lipton and Herbie Hancock.
                                                                "A hard dazed knight"

                                                                "Sleeping Beauty"

                                                                    "A Leggery no.1"
                                                                  "Vermeer's l'atelier"
                                                                   "Knicker collage"

                                                           "The Creation of Woman"

                                                                "Expressions of love"

                                                        "Oedipus Fingers, Oedipus Finx"
                                                             "Madonna of the Feathers"
                                                                "Seventh heaven newb"

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