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понедељак, 13. јануар 2014.


 "Two centuries after Francisco Goya, we find a similar approach to creation in Enrico Robusti’s paintings. Following his degree in law, Robusti devoted himself to the study of XVII century painting technique, with a particular focus on the work of van Dyck and Rubens. For about fifteen years his paintings and portraits had been informed with traditional elements; however, with the turn of the millennium, Robusti felt the urge to find a new way of expressing his artistic personality. The result of this shift is an utterly original approach to both technique and subject matter.
His bold handling of paint and perspective generate multifaceted compositions, oneiric, constantly on the verge of nightmares. The sophisticated use of a quasi-fisheye perspective enables Robusti to artificially widen the scope of his depiction and at the same time to play with the distortion effect, making the protagonists of his stories incisive caricatures. The Albemarle Gallery is pleased to introduce this incredibly talented artist, in the year of his celebration at the Venice Biennale."

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